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  • Amazing Animal Photography by Mark Vincent Müller 4 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 02/17/2010 under Animals, Featured, Professional's Collection
    Last year, I posted about 28 Examples of Excellent Animal Photography Shots which really get tons of praise from photography community online. Today, I want to show you another animal photography by Mark Vincent Müller. "Reduce to the max" may be one of the best advertising claims ever (SMART car). It also symbolizes for me the essence of what "makes" a great image. Colour, light and composition... more.
  • 28 Examples of Excellent Animal Photography Shots 127 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 11/24/2009 under Animals, Featured
    Animal photography is one of the most challenging and rewarding form of photography. Stalking wildlife animal to take pictures of them is quite difficult, because in any moment your subject could run or worst attack you. You need patience and time when photographing animals, especially if you are want a particular position and scene. Even as animal images can be taken using basic equipment, excell... more.
  • 17 Bad Ass Images of Animals Dressed as Pirates 15 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 11/05/2009 under Animals, Featured
    Ahoy Gentlemen o' fortune! Aye matey!! Our beloved shipmates from worth1000 created these amusin' images o' animals dressed as pirates. What? ye dasn't like 't, ye scurvy dog? Listen will ye?!! Enough with yer bilge, ye pox-faced kraken... put down your nasty little knife, it's the lash that will be applied to your virgin backs'..Shiver me timbers!!! You white laced mother's children have no busin... more.
  • 12 Amazing Images of Cat and Mice 12 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 09/20/2009 under Animals, Featured, Funny
    Cats are natural hunters. Most cats will chase anything small instinctively. The smell of a mouse (or bird) is very stimulating and chasing a live animal is by some means more thrilling than chasing a toy to them. They have great perseverance in hunting. Cats can sit silently for hours in front of a mouse hole and wait for it's prey or favorite toy. Here now the 10 most amazing images of Cat and M... more.
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