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  • Year of the Tiger: 14 Beautiful Tiger-Inspired Graphic Artworks 9 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 12/24/2009 under Design, Featured
    According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Year 2010 is the Year of the Tiger. So I decided to post some artistic digital artworks of the Tiger. Chinese New Year co-insides with the global celebration of Valentine’s Day so it will begin on February 14, 2010 and ends on February 2, 2011.The Tiger is the third sign in the cycle of Chinese Zodiac, which consists of 12 animal signs. The Year of the Tiger ... more.
  • Digital Pixels: Graphic Art By Delacour Benjamin 2 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 12/19/2009 under Design, Featured
    A pixel is usually thought of as the smallest single piece of a digital picture. Each pixel is a sample of an original photograph, where more samples typically present more visual clarity of the original. In this post, I’m going to show you some Delacour’s creative work inspired by pixels. Delacour Benjamin a 29 years-old freelance Graphic Designer in Strasbourg, France. Delacour specialize in... more.
  • Cool Wheels Illustration by Gianluca Mattia 0 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 12/11/2009 under Design, Featured
    I wanna show you some amusing wheels illustration created by Gianluca Mattia, a talented artist born in Bari, Italy. After his studies in art, Mattia focused in digital illustration. One of his first illustrations showcased creatures of various forms. After lots of exploration, he decided to promote his pin up theme in the modern way. And then, in 2006, Mattia created the calendar for Suicide Girl... more.
  • Giant People: 15 Amusing Photoshopped Pictures 7 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 12/03/2009 under Design, Featured
    Today I'm showcasing an amazing photoshopped images created by the talented participants of  Worth1000. Worth1000 hold a photo effect contest entitled "Exaggeration City" All images here done thru photo effect techniques in order to create an illusion of a super-giantize people or animals in a city, town or urban setting. I like this collection because each image gives a realistic view of an unre... more.
  • Davy Jones: Digitally Painted by Tiago Hoisel 3 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 12/01/2009 under Design
    Tiago Hoisel has an awe-inspiring digital painting portfolio packed with a huge selection of subjects. I want to show you one of my favorite paintings he did. As you can see, it's a cartoon version of the famous character from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, Davy Jones. Tiago name this painting "This has never happened to me before" This is a cartoon version of one of my favorites movie chara... more.
  • 17 Pieces of Awesome Beer Stein Designs 5 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 11/20/2009 under Design, Featured
    Beer stein are traditional beer mugs made out of stoneware, or specifically ornamental beer mugs that are usually sold as souvenirs or collectibles. The handle of the mug has a tiny hinge, which when you pressed with your thumb, it opens the lid. This lets you to open and close the lid with the same hand holding the mug. The origins of beer steins date back to the 14th century. As an outcome of th... more.
  • Artistic Expression and Illustration of Alexis Marcou 6 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 11/17/2009 under Design, Featured
    This roundup includes some of illustration made by Alexis Marcou. He produced a range of illustrations to come with his typeface called "fuel". Alexis Marcou was born in Greece and raised in Larissa. Through his beautiful illustrations, you'll see that Marcou's works are raw and, yet, refined. Sketching is very important for any working artist to be able to express an idea in a sketch. Anyways, y... more.
  • A Collection of Impressive Skateboard Designs 13 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 11/10/2009 under Design, Featured
    In this article, I'll present you some cool and creative skateboard designs. Skateboarding, a sport that only needs a board and four wheels, a sport that tests you and pushes you to the limit, and do unimaginable stunts. What fascinates me besides the gravity-defying tricks is the ever changing wall of skateboard deck designs. A wide variety of artist turns their skateboard decks into beautiful ar... more.
  • 22 Excellent Examples of Architectural Photography 9 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 11/05/2009 under Design, Featured
    Architectural photography is the taking of photographs of a structure from unusual angles. When shooting contemporary architecture you can get away with using a much more modern, abstract style. Experiment with wide angle lenses to capture the image of the building from unusual angles. Lighting is a crucial part of architectural photography. Of course we have no say over the position and orientat... more.
  • Truly WOW Papercrafts of World of Warcraft 25 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 10/28/2009 under Design, Featured, Game
    Today, I wanna show you some very cool paper renditions of the characters and creatures of world of Warcraft. If you have been living inside a cave this game is the world's most popular MMORPG with millions of gamers and fans. We've seen all kinds of fan-made World of Warcraft crafts made of plastic, wood and clay. Most of the WoW-inspired paper models here are really hard to create. Even if you'r... more.
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