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  • 8 Brilliant Artwork of Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen 8 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 10/16/2009 under Featured, Professional's Collection
    Today, I want to show some dramatic artwork of a talented graphic artist. His name is Olli Pekka Jauhianen, a 27 years old graphic designer and illustrator who’s presently living in Helsinki, Finland. He’s finishing his lessons for the TAMK University of applied science, where he concentrate in Digital Media. Photo manipulation can give designers inspiration and new ideas. Some of th... more.
  • 14 Majestic Castles and Palaces Around the World 13 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 10/14/2009 under Featured, Travel
    In medieval times, castles are built as homes and fortress of a noble and monarch. Did you know that the earliest castles were built from wood. By the 12th century, the majority of castles were built from stone. On this time, these structures serve as fortified and defensible homes of a member of the feudal nobility. Castles could supervise the surrounding territory and make sure it sees advances ... more.
  • 14 Excellent Cosplay of Famous Characters 14 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 10/09/2009 under Design, Featured, Funny, Game
    One of my passions since childhood was my love for anime. I just thought I would collect some cosplay pictures taken from anime expo and other events. Cosplay, short for "costume roleplay" is a presentation art in which partakers wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character. (more...)... more.
  • 12 Awesome National Flags Made Out of Food 10 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 10/02/2009 under Featured, Food
    The Sydney International Food Festival organized a program at Star City's Astral restaurant that gather together Sydney's biggest culinary stars (Peter Gilmore, Kylie Kwong, Mark Best, Neil Perry) as well as big name chefs from some of the finest restaurants in the world (Yoshihiro Murata from Japan, Sebastien Bras, Alvin Leung, and more). The Sydney International Food Festival has something ... more.
  • 16 Brilliant Typography Artwork 2 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 09/23/2009 under Design, Featured
    Everybody loves typography designed in artistic way. Typography is performed by typographers, graphic designers, comic book artists and art directors. Digitization move typography to new level of visual design. They spice up a font into something totally different thru alterations and tweaking. Today, I collected some well-designed typography that will surely inspire you. Most of these typography ... more.
  • 12 Amazing Images of Cat and Mice 12 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 09/20/2009 under Animals, Featured, Funny
    Cats are natural hunters. Most cats will chase anything small instinctively. The smell of a mouse (or bird) is very stimulating and chasing a live animal is by some means more thrilling than chasing a toy to them. They have great perseverance in hunting. Cats can sit silently for hours in front of a mouse hole and wait for it's prey or favorite toy. Here now the 10 most amazing images of Cat and M... more.
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