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  • Amazing Animal Photography by Mark Vincent Müller 4 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 02/17/2010 under Animals, Featured, Professional's Collection
    Last year, I posted about 28 Examples of Excellent Animal Photography Shots which really get tons of praise from photography community online. Today, I want to show you another animal photography by Mark Vincent Müller. "Reduce to the max" may be one of the best advertising claims ever (SMART car). It also symbolizes for me the essence of what "makes" a great image. Colour, light and composition... more.
  • Glamour Photography: Porcelain Dolls by Andy Julia 2 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 12/15/2009 under Featured, Professional's Collection
    Here's some fantastic work of Andy Julia, a freelance French photographer who lives and works in Paris. Julia work on a series of unique fashion photography inspired by porcelain dolls. At Beaux Arts School, he study painting, drawing and history of arts and then move to learning technical photography/audiovisual formation in France. Andy started working as an assistant at the Daylight Studios in ... more.
  • 8 Brilliant Artwork of Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen 8 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 10/16/2009 under Featured, Professional's Collection
    Today, I want to show some dramatic artwork of a talented graphic artist. His name is Olli Pekka Jauhianen, a 27 years old graphic designer and illustrator who’s presently living in Helsinki, Finland. He’s finishing his lessons for the TAMK University of applied science, where he concentrate in Digital Media. Photo manipulation can give designers inspiration and new ideas. Some of th... more.
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