Glamour Photography: Porcelain Dolls by Andy Julia

Here’s some fantastic work of Andy Julia, a freelance French photographer who lives and works in Paris. Julia work on a series of unique fashion photography inspired by porcelain dolls. At Beaux Arts School, he study painting, drawing and history of arts and then move to learning technical photography/audiovisual formation in France. Andy started working as an assistant at the Daylight Studios in Paris. Julia was fascinated in harmony between the artistic visuals of the past times and the modern world. He experiment with those varying codes of beauty, creating a gloomy vision that always integrates the natural personalities of his models. Here’s a snapshot of some of his stunning glamour photographs inspired by porcelain dolls.





photography-by-andy-julia 3






2 thoughts on “Glamour Photography: Porcelain Dolls by Andy Julia”

  1. While the photography is beautiful, I think the real source of the art here is the makeup artist.

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