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  • Amazing Animal Photography by Mark Vincent Müller 4 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 02/17/2010 under Animals, Featured, Professional's Collection
    Last year, I posted about 28 Examples of Excellent Animal Photography Shots which really get tons of praise from photography community online. Today, I want to show you another animal photography by Mark Vincent Müller. "Reduce to the max" may be one of the best advertising claims ever (SMART car). It also symbolizes for me the essence of what "makes" a great image. Colour, light and composition... more.
  • 18 Amazing Out of Bound Photomanipulation Images 8 CommentsPosted by bart on 02/05/2010 under Featured
    Sometimes you look at a picture so vivid that it feels as if the scene could just pop right out of the photo. Today I’m showing you some really cool examples of "Out of Bounds"(OoB) images, sometimes also called an "out of frame". The concept of OoB picture is fascinating that, I'm sure, you've seen many times online and in magazines and think how it was done. Amazing photos like these can attai... more.
  • 23 Photos Beautifully Done with Selective Coloring 10 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 01/21/2010 under Featured
    In today’s post, I want to showcase some beautiful images done thru selective coloring method. One effect that I would like to do is to change a colored image into black & white, while keeping certain parts of the image in color. Color is such a powerful element of an image, particularly when it comes to expressing emotion and attracting attention. That powerful element is amplified when col... more.
  • 25 Beautiful Example of Reflective Photography Shots 16 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 01/10/2010 under Featured
    These skillful photographers were able to capture the drama and ambiance of the images presented here thru reflective photography. Most reflective surface like mirrors, rain, glass windows, water and even our eyes can transform something fairly simple to something dramatic or nonfigurative. One of the ideal places to take wonderful images with reflections is on landscape and various nature sceneri... more.
  • 20 Illusional Droste Effect Images that will Twist Your Mind 37 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 12/31/2009 under Featured
    First, I want to greet all the readers of Pixzii a Happy New Year, I hope you all have a prosperous new year. In today’s post I’m going to show you some really cool images done in "Droste effect." "Droste effect," is named after a 1904 package of Droste brand cocoa. The Droste effect illustrates a smaller version of itself in a place where a similar photograph would realistically be expected t... more.
  • Year of the Tiger: 14 Beautiful Tiger-Inspired Graphic Artworks 9 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 12/24/2009 under Design, Featured
    According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Year 2010 is the Year of the Tiger. So I decided to post some artistic digital artworks of the Tiger. Chinese New Year co-insides with the global celebration of Valentine’s Day so it will begin on February 14, 2010 and ends on February 2, 2011.The Tiger is the third sign in the cycle of Chinese Zodiac, which consists of 12 animal signs. The Year of the Tiger ... more.
  • Digital Pixels: Graphic Art By Delacour Benjamin 2 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 12/19/2009 under Design, Featured
    A pixel is usually thought of as the smallest single piece of a digital picture. Each pixel is a sample of an original photograph, where more samples typically present more visual clarity of the original. In this post, I’m going to show you some Delacour’s creative work inspired by pixels. Delacour Benjamin a 29 years-old freelance Graphic Designer in Strasbourg, France. Delacour specialize in... more.
  • Glamour Photography: Porcelain Dolls by Andy Julia 2 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 12/15/2009 under Featured, Professional's Collection
    Here's some fantastic work of Andy Julia, a freelance French photographer who lives and works in Paris. Julia work on a series of unique fashion photography inspired by porcelain dolls. At Beaux Arts School, he study painting, drawing and history of arts and then move to learning technical photography/audiovisual formation in France. Andy started working as an assistant at the Daylight Studios in ... more.
  • Cool Wheels Illustration by Gianluca Mattia 0 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 12/11/2009 under Design, Featured
    I wanna show you some amusing wheels illustration created by Gianluca Mattia, a talented artist born in Bari, Italy. After his studies in art, Mattia focused in digital illustration. One of his first illustrations showcased creatures of various forms. After lots of exploration, he decided to promote his pin up theme in the modern way. And then, in 2006, Mattia created the calendar for Suicide Girl... more.
  • Giant People: 15 Amusing Photoshopped Pictures 7 CommentsPosted by Pixzii on 12/03/2009 under Design, Featured
    Today I'm showcasing an amazing photoshopped images created by the talented participants of  Worth1000. Worth1000 hold a photo effect contest entitled "Exaggeration City" All images here done thru photo effect techniques in order to create an illusion of a super-giantize people or animals in a city, town or urban setting. I like this collection because each image gives a realistic view of an unre... more.
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